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EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.07: Going Beyond Performance

Building on the performance enhancements of 8.06, our latest release of EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.07 introduces new customer-driven enhancements that take digital investigations to the next level. Updated encryption support, Apple File System support, SAFE improvements, and volume shadow copy capabilities are just some of the new enhancements designed to help you collect and analyze the evidence you need, efficiently and precisely, with the best possible user experience.

Encase Technology Is Trusted by Corporations and Government Agencies Worldwide


You are tasked with more types of investigations than ever before; HR issues, compliance violations, regulatory inquiries, IP theft, and more. To meet the needs of your internal stakeholders you need visibility across your endpoints, no matter where they are, and that is what we provide.

  • Perform any type of internal or regulatory investigation
  • Collect data from off-the-network endpoints to keep your investigations moving
  • Work discreetly without interrupting the business or alerting employees

Be confident in your investigation findings using EnCase technology that is trusted by corporations and governments with a proven record of court acceptance. No other solution offers the same level of forensic capabilities and flexibility.

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"Unquestionably the most powerful and versatile computer forensic tool available"

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Be confident in your findings using the trusted, industry-leading digital forensics solution.


EnCase Mobile Investigator

EnCase Mobile Investigator was built with the investigator in mind. As investigations including mobile devices grow exponentially, investigators need a solution to keep up with the latest mobile devices, applications and operating systems so that criminals can be prosecuted. When coupled with EnCase Forensic, EnCase Mobile Investigator empowers forensic investigators to seamlessly acquire, review, analyze, and report on mobile evidence from the widest variety of devices so that no evidence is hidden. Unlike other traditional forensic solutions, EnCase Forensic and EnCase Mobile Investigator provide investigators with the flexibility, visibility, and ease-of-use to complete any forensic investigation from end to end.

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